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Patreon link, because I am doing a lot of hard work between the work I'm employed to do, 
and having a little extra income goes a long way towards increasing the amount of time I can stand to 
work on these side projects.

Here's what's coming:

WebSockets support

The PHP-Websockets server is intended to be a drop-in-and-run WebSocket server and library for PHP.

Features on this site:
- Live chat.  (Don't expect me to be awake. I'll see messages eventually.)
- Support forums. (Hand coded. Expect to wait a long time for it to be ready.)
- Documentation.


Splainer is a script to build a Model layer from configuration files, SQL DDL queries, the database itself.
or eventually from a web interface.  It is intended to address the inflexible nature and incredibly slow
runtime of ORMs while preserving the developer's time by creating optimized Model source code.

Features on this site:
- Documentation
- Downloads


A paradigm in low cost content.  The idea is to promote a creator's Patreon account by allowing the
creators to configure their own website to take advantage of Patreon's API, giving the site's creator
the ability to determine a registered user's reward tier, and update that in real time. I intend to create
plugins for popular CMSes, and a generic user management library for people who like to program at the
bare metal.  Access to the software I write for helping creators with their own Patronware protected content
will be free Patronware itself, with some eventual low tier features, such as built in reporting tools.

Features on this site:
- Documentation
- Downloads
* @todo: make it clear that I'm not treating Patronware as a brand, trademark, etc., and that I'm using
* it as a synonym for freeware where the "full license" option is a Patreon based subscription.

- Setting up a Cloud Compute site.
- Setting up a Level-2 site.

This site is funded entirely by donations. I have never been paid ad revenue, and never intend to. Help keep the web annoyance free by funding my work through my Patreon page. Thank you!